4 films you should be watching right now.

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Films and Popcorn


I could sit here and pretend that I much prefer meditating, cleaning and going to yoga than being under a blanket with a good film on the TV, but unfortunately that is not true.

I’ve always loved films. I love the way they make you escape and take you completely away from reality. And even more so, I love how they make you so emotional. To filling you with happiness, to making you sob, to making your heart race with fear for a character; who in that moment feels real.

I recently purchased the Amazon Fire Stick and along with that signed up to Amazon Prime. Don’t worry… I’m still staying loyal to Netflix I mean, who could betray Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars? But I was getting a little tired of the same old films on Netflix. So here are my top 4 that I think everyone should be watching…
~get your popcorn ready~

Eye In The Sky.
Alan Rickman, my man. This was his last film and although he doesn’t have the biggest part he still steals the show.
This modern warfare film is so so relevant to what’s going on in some parts of the world right now. It shows three sides to a story; military, political and civilian. For me, it really opened my eyes some of the military decisions vs political decisions that must go on and the ultimate consequences that we ignore.

Bad Moms.
This is such a good post-Sunday roast dinner film. When you just want a light-hearted film to laugh at and not take too seriously. I think a lot Mum’s will be able to relate to this , I’m not a Mum and still found it so funny and entertaining.

So this tells the story of Oasis and in their own words. I am clearly biased on this one as they are one of my favourite bands. But it’s really really interesting, capturing their journey which makes me wish I was around to have seen it. It goes back to their difficult background and shows how much they deserve their success.

The Choice.
This has fast become one of my favourite films, if not my favourite. I remember the day I first watched it; I woke up on New Years Day ready to start a new year, with the flu (I promise it was the flu and not a hangover.) I was bed bound and felt like life was coming to an end. Which is why I was watching about 54651 films feeling sorry for myself, but this one stood out. It actually made me feel better, apart from sobbing for about 3 hours. Since then, I must have watched it about 10 times. Obviously, it’s a Nicholas Sparks novel so you can kind of guess the storyline but it’s just ~SooOoOoo~ good.

 Do you have any films to add? Let me know in the comments below! Happy Hump Day everyone ❤


Films and Popcorn

Finding a Balance.



Last week I felt stressed, a newer strain of stress. The best way I can label it, is adult stress. I’ve felt exam stress/school stress and all the stress which comes with being a 14 year old. But this week it’s felt like it’s all been down to grown-up things. It’s as if I had so much to do, my head was swimming. I struggled balancing everything… Finding time to work, sleep, eat, work-out, clean and fit in all of other things that I actually WANTED to do. Like a bubble bath, playing with my dog, having a phone call with my cousin- who I haven’t spoken to in over 6 months!

Personally, I believe that the millennial generation gets stressed due to trying to find a balance. A balance between working hard enough to feel proud of yourself, but not working so hard that you run yourself into a whirlpool of exhaustion and stress.
A balance between saving money for your own future, but still having enough to have a social life.

I’m not saying that this didn’t exist in every other generation- because it’s clear it did. But I think we tend to spend a lot more of the ~precious~ time we have scrolling through social media, which other generations never had the privilege to do, unfortunately they were looking ahead instead of at a screen. (Pls say you got that sarcasm.)

What I’m trying to say, is we struggle to find a balance because we care a little too much about everything/everybody else. You need to do you and not anyone else.

Today I went for a dog walk, I watched my fluffy animal run around the park like a proud Mother as the sun shined. Sun, fresh air & dogs- what more could you ask for? I got home, ran a bubble bath and lay there content, just enjoying the little things.

Then I picked up my phone and the app scrolling began. Bank balance lower than expected. Twitter heaving full of people who think they’re politicians. Over to Instagram, What!? She’s gone to Bali? He’s hot. Oh, I love her outfit, wish I could afford another ASOS order. Then the pressures of all things start; I need to save this amount of money, I need to write that post, remember to pay that, I should really answer that email, I need to phone him, remember to get petrol. I wonder if I will ever be able to afford to move out. Why is the world such an awful place? Am I doing enough? Am I failing? All of those feelings of happiness have faded into the background and have been replaced with the fear of not living up to the expectations I’ve set for myself.

But this is just life. Life gets in the way. Thoughts of life consume us. But it’s important to find the balance, just to try a little harder to enjoy the little moments, rather than letting things get in the way. To not waste it refreshing Instagram.


Fruit Pizza.

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Fruit Pizza

It was one of those Saturday’s where I felt the need to bake something beautiful and keep my fingers crossed it doesn’t fail. Thankfully, this was a success (yasssss!!!) I saw a similar recipe on a food blog (who I can’t remember the name of.) And with the sun shining so much recently, I thought this would be perfect as it’s not too heavy- fyi, I think I mention the weather in nearly all of my posts…you wouldn’t know I’m British or anything.

This was SooOoO easy to make and is one of those recipes you can change up by adding different fruits. It also ~looks~ good (as you can see it’s super photogenic) which is a bonus for anyone who is all about the aesthetics of food.

Fruit Pizza Recipe



Flowers and Pizza


tart desert


1st Birthday.


Grace in the pool

So this week my blog turned 1!

It’s been a ~whole~ year? It feels like it’s been a few months (!!!!) Trying not to be -cringe- here but I suppose this post is more for myself than anyone else, a post that I can look back on. My blog (and writing in general) is a little like therapy to me, it makes me feel content and relaxed. The point I started my blog was for me to write somewhere other than my diary or fiction. It’s kind of in the middle of the two.

People always say you should pick a job that you would still do if you didn’t get paid for it (although that’s pretty rare lol.) But what I’m trying to say is that I didn’t start this in the hope to get paid, or thousands of readers. I did it for myself and I never expected anyone to actually read it.

So watching my followers/readers/views grow is so so strange. I can’t understand that people actually ~want~ to read and enjoy reading my content.

Obviously I have to mention other bloggers. I may write my own blog but first and foremost I’m a reader. There are endless amounts of writers out there creating content who inspire me on a daily basis and I think they’re a huge reason why I continue. Not to mention, the bulk of my audience are bloggers themselves which shows how much of a blogging community there is- all supporting and inspiring one another. It’s like we all have our own tiny corners of the internet.

And even more obviously, I have to thank every single person who reads this. It baffles me; I check my stats and can’t get my head around it that all of these people are actually reading my writing. So thank you.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend. X

A Week In Portugal.

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Red Flowers


Close-up of Red Flowers

Putting Green


Tennis Courts

The Pool

Legs in the Pool

Pool and Flowers


Rock Climbing
Climbing the Rocks
Sea bashing against rocks

Sea View from the Rocks

Pirate Ship

Carveiro Beach

Sight-seeing, cultural walking and wandering has my heart. I may be a stereotypical millennial cliché, just traipsing around the same old hipster area as everybody else but I love it. Which is why I’d *usually* always opt for a city break. However.. a big however. This year I went back to Portugal with my family and had ~the~ most relaxing week of the year (so far.)

After taking a few hours to actually locate our villa, we arrived and my fears of not seeing a spectacular building (I’m not an architect or anything but I really appreciate a good building) was no longer present as it was heavenly inside and out. From the modern décor, a balcony with a sea view to the tennis courts- it had ~everything~.
We stayed -just- outside of our usual destination Carvoeiro, but still ventured into the town each night.

I spent most of the days laying flat sunning on a lounger, flicking flying beetles that landed on us, having dips in the pool, watching Portuguese Netflix from my walk in shower and eating my body weight in fish for dinner. We also had a mini golf tournament on our putting green- which reminds me we never actually finished it. As well as, a walk on the cliffs/climbing rocks whilst wearing a mini skirt and espadrilles. It was the ultimate relaxation break (even though I feel like I now need another one) but at least the sun is starting to make an appearance in England.


Current Beauty Favs.

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Beauty Products

I apologise for being MIA for so long, I feel like I’ve neglected the blog for the past two weeks. But I do have a good excuse..
I’ve been in Portugal *post to follow v soon*.
I planned to write this post on the plane on the way out, edit the photos and publish it as soon as I got Wi-Fi. But in true Grace style the only time I opened my laptop was to watch Netflix in bed, after hard days of sunbathing, eating & drinking- oh the struggles of being on holiday.

Every time I go away I over-pack but this year, something crazy happened and I under packed (!!!) – am I okay? When grabbing some essential holiday items from Primark I picked up a little make-up bag (I think it’s probably a pencil case) and I managed to fit *most* of my essential beauty products in it. These bits have fast become my favourites…

Chanel- Coco Mademoiselle
If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’re probably thinking- not the bloody Mademoiselle again. I’ll admit I bang on about this perfume all the time. But every time I spray it, it gets me all heart eyed.

Coco Chanel Mademoiselle Perfume

NYX Frame & Tame, Tinted Brow Pomade.
This is pretty much exactly the same as the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, but under half the price! I’d say the only difference is that the consistency is a little lighter and you have to apply a tiny bit more if you want bolder brows. But if you’re like me who only lightly fills them it actually works better than the ABH.

NYX Brow Pomade

Jo Malone- English Pear & Freesia
I couldn’t pick my favourite Jo Malone scent as they’re just all too good. But, this is the one that made it in my clutch most nights of the holiday. I think it’s because it’s such a light and fresh scent. If you had to represent Spring with a fragrance this would be it.

Jo Malone English Pear & Fressia

Barry M, Matte Me Up Liquid Lip Paint- Paparazzi.
I’m crazy fussy when it comes to red lipstick. I’ve tried SoOo many different brands and shades but have only ever liked Eva Longorias Red from L’Oreal (which I can never find anywhere!) But I finally found this one.. I would still pick up the L’Oreal over this, but it’s a great alternative if you want a red that’s super bold.

Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Paint

Bourjois 123 Perfect Liquid Foundation.
In the summer I tend to have a bit of a mare with foundations. The sun kindly brings out all of my 469165 freckles and heavier foundations just do not sit right on top of them. This is just right as it’s really light but with medium coverage- but still not enough to stop people asking if they can do dot to dot.

Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation

Beauty Products



My Book Picks.


My Book Picks

I love hearing different opinions on a book. I think that’s what is so fascinating about them, you can interpret a book however your imagination wants you to. People can take completely different messages and meanings from them. So, here are some of my favourite books- and if you’ve read any of them ~pls pls~ let me know what you thought!

Travelling to Eat: the Ultimate Pleasure in Life.

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If you love food, then you probably have a love for travel as well. Eating some exquisite Asian cuisines or classic American diner-style food from the comfort of your town is great, but have you ever wondered what real Asian food tastes like, or how delicious proper American-style food would be? Travelling to eat isn’t a new concept, but it’s certainly something that has been gaining a lot more traction thanks to informative food blogs like https://migrationology.com/ and YouTube superstars who travel, eat and record their findings for people to drool over and convince them to travel.

Brunch Favourites.

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Vegetable Fry-up
Green Super Smoothie
Dippy Eggs & Soldiers with Asparagus

Veg Fry-Up

One meal that isn’t my fav is a full English (am I still English?) there’s just something about the grease that makes me feel like I’ve been put in a deep fat fryer after I’ve eaten it. But this is my alternative which I could eat alldayeverday and not even feel guilty about it. If you haven’t tried this or something similar I urge you to. Feel free to switch it up abit by adding toast, more veg, meat etc.

Green Super Smoothie
I think smoothies are genius. Technically abit gross, with everything blended up, but they taste ~amazing~. Keeping with the theme, spinach is involved.. obviously. These make you feel full whilst also getting a load of healthy foods. If we ever run out of spinach for some crazy reason, I can recommend using anything green- from raw broccoli to celery whatever you have, it does still taste good.

Eggs & Soldiers with Asparagus
Boiled eggs & soldiers just reminds me of my childhood, I must have had dippy eggs for breakfast most days. Adding asparagus just makes it even tastier and makes it feel like a more adult breakfast.

What are your brunch favourites?